Case Study


Victory Locker was given team crest (logo) and primary colors and asked to design a uniform.

  • 2017/18 Uniform
  • 2018/19 Uniform
  • 2019/20 Uniform


“We used major brand uniforms but looked like everyone else except for the crest patch we had stitched on. The uniforms were expensive and we would have problems with both delivery and styles being discontinued which meant we would have players on the same team with two different looks. We first used Victory Locker in 2017 and our coaches and players were blown away by the quality and design. FC FAST teams look great every time we step onto the field. Each year since we have done a new design and our uniform unveil is as anticipated by our coaches and players as our first game of the year. Thank you Victory Locker for making us look like champions.”

FC FAST | Director of Coaching